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Lobby bar of the hotel "Inter Sukhum" is a great place for private and business meetings. It is for us that holidaymakers can enjoy the taste of elite tea or natural coffee, a snack or order a glass of Abkhazian wine in a stylish and cozy atmosphere, waiting for their friends, family members, acquaintances or business partners.

In the lobby bar we prepare natural coffee for every taste, desserts, fresh, alcoholic and alcoholic drinks and.

The main thing for us is the most comfortable conditions for hotel guests. It is for this reason that we came to the drawing up of the menu and interior design with great attention. Here you can relax, forget about your problems and completely commit yourself to the conversation.

Special attention should be paid to the presence in the menu of our lobby bar of fragrant Abkhazian wine. It began to be produced in Abkhazia several thousand years BC. It is also believed that this is the second after the Middle East region on which traces of the most ancient civilization of winemakers - jugs with grapes were found.